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Certified Welder | Pipefitter
Certified Welder | Pipefitter


Certified Welder or Pipefitter

The Certified Welder or Pipefitter reports directly to and is fully accountable to the Job Foreman, Project Superintendent, or Project Manager.

Job Overview:  Certified Welder or Pipefitter must be capable of pulling measurements along with fabricating and installing pipe. We have a written exam to certify that employee prospects are familiar with necessary trade math. All pipe welder applicants must be trained in welding of both carbon and stainless pipe. We test to ASME Section IX.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • As scheduled and assigned by management, the Certified Welder or Pipefitter is responsible for the weld, fit, install, service, and repair of fittings, valves, piping, other products, and equipment.

  • Establish priorities which ensure that the customer is our first priority.

  • Ensure that all work is done in compliance with all Federal, State, and Local health and safety law, ordinances, and policies.

  • Provide personal hand tools for basic work, as directed.

  • Assist customers with information on how to operate and maintain equipment, as required.


  • Requires a High School Diploma, GED, or the equivalent work experience, and a minimum of two years directly working in a welding, piping, or fabrication company.

  • Requires the above with at least two (2) years previous apprentice experience in performing pipe welding, piping fitting, or steel fabrication, including 280 hours of classroom apprenticeship instruction, and be certified by having passed the required examinations offered by MSMSI.

  • Must have the ability to get, uphold and acquire industry knowledge as well as code and regulation understanding of ASME welding codes or Steam Fitter’s License, among others. This also includes obtaining and keeping current industry and other certifications, licenses, schooling and training.

  • The sense of sight, speech (English), and hearing are required. Must possess excellent verbal communication skills and be able to write legibly.

  • The physical requirements are stressful, as time will be spent walking, turning the head and torso, reaching, grasping, bending and flexing the arms, legs, wrists, and fingers.  Must also be able to lift 100 pounds.

  • Must have previous experience with safety regulations and procedures, including: OSHA, HAZMAT, and D.O.T.

  • Must be an individual who is comfortable meeting new people and being in unfamiliar situations.  The applicant must be able to work with enthusiasm, trustworthiness, and cooperativeness with fellow workers and customers.