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Miura High Efficiency Steam Boilers

If you find that it is time to replace your steam boiler, either to achieve a higher boiler efficiency, or due to gas fired boilers not being able to keep up with your steam needs, we at Mid-States Mechanical Services, Inc. would like to introduce you to the Miura Steam Boiler. Miura boilers are an exciting approach to steam boilers. A new boiler from Miura will turn your industrial boiler into a highly efficient green boiler room.

Not only can Mid-States Mechanical Services, Inc. help you size and select your next boiler and pressure tanks, but we can install your new equipment and offer you a turn key boiler room if needed.

With Miura boiler you can double the capacity of your existing boiler room or cut the space requirements of a new boiler room in half. To see an example of a boiler room layout, click here.


The burner surface is made as large as possible and the furnace volume as small as possible to optimize the combustion process. As a result, with no efficiency loss at 3% O2 and 85% efficiency, the LX has no NOx emissions of less than 20ppm.


Three reasons:

  1. High efficiency boiler

  2. Small boiler surface to avoid radiation losses.

  3. Ability to stop boiler when you do not need steam and to quickly recover when you do need steam without damage to the boiler through thermal shock.


  • Water to steam in five minutes
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Reduced oil and gas consumption
  • Breakthrough in near 0 NOx emissions

The MOM system allows communication between your boiler and the Miura office. This offers immediate analysis of your boiler operating conditions and parameters for troubleshooting. It can also provide monthly reports on burner history, fault history, thermal control and maintenance data, scale monitor graph and calculated fuel consumption.  For more information, visit the Miura boiler website.